DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 17.1.23, 11 August 2017

3.8.20 Check Naming Conventions

Many times naming conventions are established. For example each enumerated type definition should end with _t, each unit definition with _u or each type should be prefixed with vr_ahb.

Naming conventions are automatically checked when building a project. You just need to define them:

  • Globally: Go to the E Language > E Name Checks preference page (via menu Window > Preferences).

  • or Per Project: Right click on the project, chose Properties and go to the E Name Checks preference page.

In both cases click the New button to define a new name check.

Naming convention violations are presented as warnings in the Problems View. You can show the Problems View from menu Window > Show View > Other... > General > Problems. Double clicking on some warning will jump to the source location.