DVT PSS IDE User Guide
Rev. 18.1.36, 9 November 2018

DVT PSS IDE User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Installation Checklist
1.1. Install DVT Using a pre-packed Distribution
1.2. Install DVT Using the Update Site
1.3. Check the DVT License
2. Predefined Projects
3. Getting Started
3.1. What is a Workspace
3.2. What is a Project
3.3. Project Natures
3.4. Workspace and Workbench
3.5. Refresh
3.6. Linked Resources
3.7. Backup and Local History
4. Build Configurations
4.1. Non-top files
4.2. default.build
4.3. Auto-config
4.4. Emulating compiler invocations
4.5. Multiple .build Files
4.6. Compatibility Modes
4.6.1. Default DVT Compatibility Mode
4.6.2. vcs.vlogan Compatibility Mode
4.6.3. vcs.vhdlan Compatibility Mode
4.6.4. ius.irun Compatibility Mode
4.6.5. ius.perspec Compatibility Mode
4.6.6. questa.vlog Compatibility Mode
4.6.7. questa.vcom Compatibility Mode
4.6.8. gcc Compatibility Mode
4.7. Paths
4.8. Strings
4.10. Environment Variables
4.11. Including Other Argument Files
4.12. Build Persistence
4.13. DVT Auto-Linked
4.14. Run a Script Before Build
4.15. All Build Directives
4.16. e Language Test Files
4.17. e Language SPECMAN_PATH
4.18. SystemVerilog OVM or UVM Library Compilation
4.19. Xilinx Libraries Compilation
4.20. Intel(Altera) Quartus Libraries Compilation
5. Compile Checks
5.1. Compile Waivers
5.2. Semantic Checks
6. Content Assist (Autocomplete)
6.1. Content assist for CamelCase and Underscore
6.2. Code Templates
7. Quick Fix Proposals
7.1. Correct Spelling In Comments and Strings
7.2. Waive Compilation Problems
8. Content Filters
8.1. Content Filters XML syntax
8.2. Filtering by element type
8.3. Content Filters Examples
8.4. Predefined Content Filters
9. Code Templates
9.1. Code Templates in Autocomplete
9.2. Global Code Templates
9.3. Project Level Code Templates
9.4. Code Templates View
10. File Templates
11. Project Templates
11.1. What is a project template?
11.2. How to generate code from a project template
11.2.1. Step 1. Specify Directories
11.2.2. Step 2. Specify Parameters
11.3. template.config
11.4. Add from Template
12. Code Formatting
12.1. Whitespace
12.2. Indentation
12.3. Vertical Alignment
12.4. Line Wrapping
12.5. Disable Format for Code Sections
12.6. Format Multiple Files
12.7. External
13. Inspect Extensions (Layers)
14. Inactive Code Highlight
15. Semantic Search
16. Search for References (Usages)
17. Quick Search in Views
17.1. CamelCase
17.2. Simple Regex
17.3. Hierarchical Search
17.4. Search for Members
18. Refactoring
18.1. Rename Refactoring
19. External Tools Integration
19.1. Run Configurations
19.1.1. Run Configuration Session Type
19.1.2. Custom Shortcut and Button for a Run Configuration
19.1.3. Using environment variables in DVT Generic Run Configurations
19.1.4. Using an alias in a DVT Generic Run Configuration
19.1.5. DVT Generic Run Configuration Variables
20. Custom Dialogs
20.1. Quick Steps
20.2. Customizing the Dialog Output
20.3. SWT/XML Reference
20.3.1. Layouts
20.3.2. Widgets
20.4. Custom Dialog Snapshots
20.4.1. Custom Dialog Snapshots File Syntax (XML)
21. Command Line Interface
21.1. dvt_cli.sh
21.2. Syntax
21.3. Notes
21.4. Examples
21.5. Makefile Example
21.6. Commands
21.6.1. Create a Project (Mixed-Language Capable)
21.6.2. Create a Project From an Existing Template
21.6.3. Import an Existing Project
21.6.4. List Compiled Files
21.6.5. Launch a Run Configuration
21.6.6. Open a File
21.6.7. Close a File
21.6.8. Open a Custom Dialog
21.6.9. Refresh a project
21.6.10. Quit
21.6.11. Query the running status
21.6.12. Print version
22. Reminders (TODO Markers)
23. Settings Management
23.1. Managed Settings
23.2. Unmanaged Settings
23.3. User and Common Settings Location
23.4. Use Cases
23.4.1. Memory Allocation Thresholds
23.4.2. Workspace Preferences
23.4.3. Run Configurations
23.4.4. Compile Waivers
23.4.5. Content Filters
23.4.6. External Builders
23.4.7. Export HTML Documentation
23.5. Examples
23.6. Deprecated Settings Management (before DVT 3.5)
23.6.1. Workspace Settings
23.6.2. Project Settings
23.6.3. Other Settings
23.6.4. Importing Preferences From a Different Workspace
23.6.5. Customizing Default Settings Using dvt.ini
24. Reference
24.1. Common Shortcuts
24.2. Editor Right Click Menu
24.2.1. Folding
24.2.2. Source
24.2.3. Show
24.2.4. References
24.2.5. Refactor
24.3. Hyperlinks
24.4. Icons and Decorations
24.4.1. Icons
24.4.2. Decorations
24.4.3. Changing Icon Colors
24.4.4. Project Colors
24.5. Scripts
24.5.1. dvt.sh
24.5.2. dvt_cli.sh
24.5.3. dvt_kit_installer.sh
24.5.4. dvt_plugin_installer.sh
24.6. Syntax Coloring
24.7. Tooltips
24.8.1. Code Templates View
24.8.2. Compile Order View
24.8.3. Console View
24.8.4. Coverage View
24.8.5. Inspect View
24.8.6. Layers View
24.8.7. Outline View
24.8.8. Problems View
24.8.9. Tasks View
24.8.10. Types View
24.8.11. Type Hierarchy View
24.8.12. Verification Hierarchy View
25. Tips and Tricks
26. Q & A
26.1. I am new to Eclipse, where should I start from?
26.2. Where can I find DVT Help?
26.3. How do I see and configure the key shortcuts?
26.4. Are there any backup files in Eclipse?
26.5. Workspace in use, cannot launch eclipse...
26.6. Locking is not possible in the directory...
26.7. How to start DVT Eclipse with a different eclipse.ini
26.8. Save could not be completed
26.9. IBM Clearcase Plugin
26.10. DVT is crashing with "Problematic frame ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 _dl_rtld_di_serinfo
26.11. libxul.so undefined symbol
26.12. How do I Access Files Outside Project Dir - Working with Linked Resources
26.13. Mapping Linux to Windows (/proj/ to Z:\proj\)
26.14. How to use Working Sets for filtering Problems/Task/Search views?
26.15. Subversive vs Subclipse
26.16. How do I associate a project with both DVT and CDT?
26.17. Can I use vi/vim along with DVT?
26.18. Can I perform dos2unix or unix2dos from DVT?
26.19. How can I configure Eclipse to use a local CVS repository?
26.20. I am using the Common Desktop Environment via Citrix and experiencing crashes. What can I do?
26.21. How do I change the background color of the Editor?
26.22. How do I change the color of the interface?
26.23. How to apply the dark color theme or other themes?
26.24. How do I change the tooltip colors?
26.25. How do I change Internet Proxy Settings?
26.26. Eclipse does not start, there is no Workspace, metadata or log file created
26.27. Workspace permissions
26.28. How to install our server as a service in Windows?
26.29. How do I link mylyn with Bugzilla?
26.30. How do I print source code?
26.31. How do I disable Eclipse Software Sites?
26.32. How do I revert to a previous version?
26.33. What are the most common shortcuts in DVT?
26.34. How does DVT integrate with emacs?
26.35. How does DVT integrate with CVS?
26.36. How to set an environment variable within a Run Configuration?
26.37. How to run a remote Unix command from DVT Eclipse for Windows?
26.38. How do I tell DVT to skip some files from compilation?
26.39. Rebuild shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + R) does not work
26.40. Sometimes I experience DVT GUI hangs, what should I do?
26.41. Sometimes I experience DVT GUI hangs when switching from another X application to DVT
26.42. I want to use an alias in a DVT Generic Run Configuration, but it's not recognized
26.43. How to set multiple paths as sources of predefined projects ?
26.44. Lines are suddenly changing indentation when I edit text or move the cursor through the editor.
26.45. How to change the directory where the build log file is saved ?
26.46. How to find the DVT logs on Linux/Unix ?
26.47. How to create resource filters ?
26.48. How to create custom shortcut and button for a Run Configuration?
26.49. I know that file.foo is present in the project location, but I can't see it in the Navigator View
26.50. How to copy the full path to the file in the current editor?
26.51. How to adjust the console logs filters matching parameters?
26.52. When I switch to Block (Column) Selection mode the font changes
26.53. In Block (Column) Selection mode I see strange editng artifacts
26.54. How to modify the font size in the code editors?
26.55. How to automatically checkout/lock files from the revision control system ?
26.56. How can I see if a file is read-only?
26.57. How can I open a file in DVT from the terminal?
26.58. How can I open a file in DVT from Questa?
26.59. How do I change the name of the xterm opened by a DVT Generic Run Configuration?
27. What is New?
28. How to Report an Issue?
29. Legal Notices
30. Third Party Licenses