Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 21.1.14, 13 April 2021

Chapter 6. HTML Progress Report

The HTML Progress Report presents the progress of a project during its development by collecting the summaries of generated HTML reports and displaying them in a chart. It can be generated using the batch mode flag gen_progress_report, paired with report_folder or parent_folder.

The locations of the HTML Reports used to generate the HTML Progress Report can be specified using the report_folder argument. The parent_folder argument can be used to specify a parent folder that contains multiple HTML reports.

The report is divided in 2 panels.

  1. Checks/Hits chart (top)

  2. Report details (bottom)

Checks/Hits chart

HTML Progress Report page contains a summary chart that shows the progress of the project based on the given HTML reports.

You can toggle between Checks and Hits from the buttons above the chart. Based on the selected option, the available data shown in the chart is:

  • Checks:

    • Errors

    • Warnings

    • Infos

    • Passed

    • Disabled

  • Hits:

    • Errors

    • Warnings

    • Infos

    • Disabled

The lines can be shown or hidden by clicking on the corresponding names from the chart's legend on the right side.

The highlighted zone on the chart focuses on the rightmost report which will be detailed below the chart. By clicking between any 2 reports on the chart, the highlight area will be updated.

Report details

This zone shows details about the current report (rightmost of the highlighted area on the chart) and the Compare Report summary with the previous report (leftmost of the highlighted area on the chart).

On the top side there are navigation buttons for going backward or forward through all reports. In the middle of the top side there is the number of the current report from the total number of reports.

Below this, there are links to access any of the three reports: current report, previous report and compare report.

The bottom side presents a table where the first two rows show the Checks and Hits values for the current report. In the last 4 rows there is the compare report summary of the current report and previous report.

The Total column has been added to offer an overview of all characteristics. Please note that this column excludes the Disabled values.

The HTML Progress Report name can be changed by using the batch mode flag progress_name.