Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 19.1.24, 11 July 2019

8.4 Inline Lint Waivers

Lint waivers can be extracted from user comments containing a specific pragma.

Inline waivers syntax:

code line 1
code line 2
code line 4
code line 7
code line 8
code line 11



  • Must be an unique id of a waiver

  • It is optional; if not defined, a default name containing file and line is used


  • Any value from the following set of values (mandatory)

    • error : hits matched by this waiver will be reported as errors

    • warning : hits matched by this waiver will be reported as warnings

    • info : hits matched by this waiver will be reported as infos

    • disable : hits matched by this waiver will not be stored

  • If two or more waivers cover the same piece of code they will apply in the order they were declared.

  • Inline waivers are applied before file waivers


  • Is a comma separated list of check names


  • Inline waivers are applied only on failures in the same file where they were declared.

  • The failures in files included between begin and end of a waiver are not affected by the waiver.

  • The begin/end of multiline waivers must always be in the same file.

  • The multiline waivers can be interlaced by using names for start and end pragmas.