Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 23.2.28, 28 November 2023

3.1.4 Open HTML report

You can open a Verissimo HTML report as a Verissimo GUI report in DVT using the following command: -open_report /path/to/verissimo_html_report

The command will open the DVT Eclipse IDE, it will perform a full build of the project and then it will open the Verissimo GUI report without having to run all the checks.

The failures from the HTML report will be imported in the GUI report.

After importing the HTML report, autocorrect is not available until the rules are reapplied.

You can also open the HTML report from DVT Eclipse IDE directly from the report directory in the Project Explorer. Just navigate to the verissimo_html_report directory and double click on the file.

If the Verissimo HTML report is located outside of your project, you can link it by right clicking on you project by selecting New > DVT Linked Resource and specifying the /path/to/verissimo_html_report.