Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 21.1.8, 1 March 2021

3.6.1 Waivers Editor

Manually defined waivers can be created using New... button from the Waivers tab. The Lint Waivers Editor dialog offers an easy way to configure a waiver. The parameters that can be configured are:

  • Waiver Name: an unique name for the waiver

  • Waiver File: the file where the waiver will be saved (from the waivers include tree)

  • Apply on: the scope of the waiver (it applies on matched or non matched failures)

  • Status: the status that will be applied to the matched failures

  • Paths: the file paths on which this waiver applies to

  • Check Names: the name of the checks this waiver applies to

  • Line Ranges: the line, or line ranges (StartLine:EndLine) this waiver must match

  • Message Patterns: the regular expression this waiver must match (Perl-like or simple regular expression)

The status option can be set to:

  • DISABLED: failures are removed

  • ERROR: failures are reported as errors

  • WARNING: failures are reported as warnings

  • INFO: failures are reported as info

The waiver will match a failure if all defined parameters match the failure properties (the check that generated the failure, line, file, or message). If a parameter is empty (not defined) it will match any value.