Rev. 23.1.22, 22 September 2023

35.11 libxul.so undefined symbol

In case you encounter an error like the following:

symbol lookup error: <path-to-xulrunner>/libxul.so: undefined symbol: gdk_screen_get_resolution

you should check that the version of xulrunner installed in <path-to-xulrunner> is 1.8.x. Xulrunner is a library developed by Mozilla and used by the Eclipse platform to display web content. Unfortunately, the 1.9.x versions are known to have problems integrating with SWT.

After installing xulrunner-1.8.x, there are two ways to tell eclipse where to find it:

1. In the console where you launch eclipse:

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<NEW-XULRunner-directory-path>

2. Add the following line:


in the " dvt_eclipse_directory/eclipse/eclipse.ini" file after " '-vmargs' " line

where <NEW-XULRunner-directory-path> denotes the location of the newly installed xulrunner.