February, 2017

AMIQ EDA Introduces UVM IEEE Compliance and Migration Capabilities

New IEEE UVM Compliance rules were added in Verissimo, Enhanced DVT Eclipse IDE refactoring scripts to automatically annotate all non-IEEE API usage

March, 2016

DVCon 2016 EDACafe Interview

"New features in DVT Eclipse IDE: schematics, trace diagrams, quick fixes and more."

February, 2016

AMIQ EDA Unveils New Verilog and VHDL Design-Oriented Diagrams

AMIQ EDA unveils new Verilog and VHDL design-oriented diagrams that enable both design and verification engineers to easily visualize, explore, and understand RTL code.

January, 2016

A Discussion About Source Code Copy-Paste: Is it good or bad? Preventing or detecting?

At a recent EDA event, Semi-IP Systems talked with Cristian Amitroaie, the CEO of AMIQ, about the good and bad side of developing software from code that is copied from another program.

Read about the dangers of copy-paste techniques or watch the first part of the video interview.

Watch the second part of the interview that deals with Detecting Software Code Copy-Paste.

June, 2015

John Cooley - My Cheesy Must See List for DAC 2015

Amiq DVT Debugger Add-On is an add-on to VCS/Questa/Incisive to let an engineer NOT have to continuously switch between his editor and the "e"/SystemVerilog/VHDL simulator.