Rev. 19.1.24, 11 July 2019

25.1.2 Custom Shortcut and Button for a Run Configuration

On the main toolbar click on Run > Run Configurations... > select a run configuration file from DVT Generic and click on Shortcuts Tab. You can choose to add a shortcut on the main toolbar and/or an accelerator (for example, ALT+SHIFT+1).

WARNING: It is not recommended to remove accelerators from Window > Preferences > General > Keys

If you want to remove a shortcut/accelerator you can uncheck the respective preference in the Shortcuts Tab.

Toolbar shortcuts must have an icon. You can specify an external file or create one by selecting the Create Icon option. Each icon can have a one letter label and a background color.

You can specify the position of a button on the toolbar by modifying the Toolbar Order Number - buttons are placed on the toolbar from left to right, ordered from 0 to N (max 999). If there are more buttons with the same number, they will be ordered alphabetically.

NOTE: You cannot create shortcuts/accelerators for read-only run configuration files.