Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 24.1.4, 28 February 2024

3.2.8 Lint Current File

To run Verissimo for a single file, use the "Verissimo: Lint File..." command. A multi-step quick pick menu will pop-up allowing to select the ruleset and waivers file.

In this mode, Verissimo will define a pre-waiver that will match all the other files and will run with it; in this way only, the selected file will be analyzed and the other files from the project will be ignored. When running in this mode, Verissimo does not need to perform a full build of the project; instead, it does an incremental compilation of the selected file.

When linting only the currently selected file, the linting failures will be added to the Problems View and the markers for the file will be added on the editor gutter. Placing the cursor on a linting failure and using the "Quick Fix..." command will allow to see the check description or to waive the failure.

To run a linting session with the previous lint configuration, use the "Verissimo: Lint File With Last Configuration" command.

To clear the linting failures from a file, use the "Verissimo: Clear Current File Results" command.