Dean Painchaud

The DVT Eclipse IDE is an answer tool, and I can no longer live without it :)

Phil Day

I absolutely love the DVT Eclipse IDE and have turned borderline evangelical about it, well done, thanks again!

Kevin Tomasek

Through out my learning curve of the DVT Eclipse IDE, and to some extent system verilog, the questions posed to the guys at AMIQ have been answered politely, quickly and positively in every case. Suggestions that I have made have been considered and amazingly enough even adopted! I am very happy with the DVT Eclipse IDE and more importantly the people behind the product.

Michael Cochran

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that people are lovin' DVT these days. I've gotten comments on how much better the editing performance and user experience is. A couple of new projects have contacted me to help get them setup.

Farhan Khan

The DVT Eclipse IDE is working very well for me. Not sure how was I able to write any UVM code without it before - well done for creating it!

Ronald Khan

Once you start using the DVT Eclipse IDE you'll wish you had done it sooner. The learning curve is low but productivity gain is quickly realized, even for a novice user. Probably the single largest productivity boost for code development. It's hard to work without DVT, you feel handicapped. Using only the simplest subset of its total features doubles my productivity in code development, imagine if I were a power user. AMIQ responds quickly and tool bugs are immediately evaluated. Feature requests are even considered. It seems that in the development community, generally it's the best and brightest that have adopted the DVT Eclipse IDE.

Phillip Ferguson

The DVT Eclipse IDE has been fantastic throughout, and we are very happy with its capabilities, flexibility and support. I have been using the DVT Eclipse IDE for 5+ years and it continues to impress me with its features and ease of use.

Odom Serey

I can’t say enough how much the DVT Eclipse IDE helped me speed up the learning curve. I tried my best to push out the tool but people were so used to using emacs and vi. Yet, whenever they see me doing debug and development with DVT, they were in awe.

Philippe Olszewski

I switched to the good old gvim etc... but, after 30min, was really lacking the DVT Eclipse IDE, so I created a new cc view, remove the old one (to release my check outs) and could resume my activity. Just one or 2 hours lost. Nothing compared to the time the DVT Eclipse IDE saved me in these last 4 months...

Peter Sinka

Personally I find the DVT Eclipse IDE indispensable for navigating around SystemVerilog classes and modules.