Diana Rosu

The DVT Eclipse IDE is a great tool, to the point of being addictive. I got so used to it that I'm almost not able to understand someone else's code without it. Another thing which puzzles me is the astonishing rapidity of the AMIQ RnD in fixing reported issues. Keep up the good work!

Tomer Conforti

The DVT Eclipse IDE has unique advantages providing easy navigation and tracing of signals in order to simplify the design integration tasks. The AMIQ support team goes the extra mile to make sure that the benefits from the tool are high.

Artemios Diakogiannis

I have been using the DVT Eclipse IDE for the last 6 years, both for System Verilog and e/Specman Verification Environments and I must admit that DVT boosts substantially my productivity and efficiency. It reduces the development effort and helps meeting deadlines. I would not imagine myself using a plain editor or another EDA tool in the future. DVT fulfills all my development needs and is always updated to keep up with the new language constructs and methodologies.

Pau Morant Sequi

Great tool! I have been using it for 6 years. It helps my team to improve the productivity and quality. The DVT Eclipse IDE is a must in our verification flow.

Lior Grinzaig

The DVT Eclipse IDE is a great tool. The productivity of a verification engineer using this tool is being increased greatly and the ROI is very noticeable.

Greg Czajkowski

DVT Eclipse's productivity boost through incremental compile, which we like to call instant compile, directly and positively impacts our schedules. AMIQ provides terrific support and continuous improvement of the tool's capabilities.

Thomas Klotz

I cannot imagine writing a single line of Specman e code without the DVT Eclipse IDE.

Nicholas Zicha

While DVT's productivity gains in day-to-day development are clear, it has been indispensable in on-boarding neophytes to SystemVerilog for RTL and verification using UVM. The quality of the tool and the fantastic support, especially when requesting new features, are second to none.

Mark Andrews

The DVT Eclipse IDE is a powerful and easy to use tool that dramatically enhances the productivity of the engineers in our chip design group. Its many features make it trivial to rapidly author and navigate complex RTL designs and their associated verification environments. Users are able share and reuse code because DVT makes it easy to quickly explore complex UVM verification test benches and libraries, despite the many layers created by class extensions, function overrides and class libraries.

The team at Amiq provide excellent tool support, they are very responsive and clearly understand the complexity and inner workings of System Verilog and UVM.