DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.7, 9 April 2024

6.1 Content assist for CamelCase and Underscore

You can quickly filter the proposals list by using capital letters or underscores as anchors like the the examples below:

Variable Name Substrings that do find variable Substrings that don't find the variable
uvmTestDoneObjectionBaseuTesDonObj, DoneObj, TDOBestDone, tionBase
uvm_test_done_objection_baseuv_te_d_o_b, t_d_o, TDOne_objection
uvm_TESTDone_objectionBASEuv_T_D_o_b, test_done_objection_base, TESDOBESTDone_, one_objection