DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 23.1.8, 29 March 2023

40.8 Hyperlinks

Place the mouse cursor over an identifier in the editor while holding down the Ctrl key. The identifier becomes a hyperlink, and a list of navigation options is displayed.

The first option is Open Declaration. This is the default action when you click directly on the identifier.

Hyperlinks are available for all classes, modules, methods, fields, signals, macros, etc. in the source code files that DVT analyzes in your project.

Open Declaration Tip: Keyboard alternative: place editor cursor on an identifier and press F3.

Open Extern Method Implementation

Open Super Implementation Available only if the method under cursor overrides a virtual method inherited from a superclass. Opens the implementation of the overridden method:

Open Child Implementation Available only if the method under cursor is overridden in a subclass. If there is only one override, it is opened. Otherwise the Quick Type Hierarchy View is opened.

Open Instance Available only for a design element under cursor which is instantiable. It jumps to the corresponding instance from design (which is also available in the Design Breadcrumb Navigation Bar).

Open ... Type

Jump to Assignment Jumps to the next assignment of the signal under cursor in the current editor.

Jump to Case Branch Available only on enum constants and parameters. Jumps directly to the case branch where element under cursor is used.

Jump to an Imported File

Jump to a Macro Definition

Jump to Connected TLM Port Jumps to the next connected TLM port of the TLM port under cursor in the current editor.

Show Connected TLM Ports

When the identifier under the cursor is a macro that expands to a single identifier, you can also see all the hyperlinks available for the macro replacement.

For example you can open the declaration or show the usages of a macro replacement, which is a class, as seen below:

Open Declaration of a Macro Replacement